The story of Colunna Yachts started in 1981, when the young João Victor Eduardo Colunna, at 18 years old,conceived, developed and produced its own jet ski at a time they almost did not exist in Brazil − as the conclusion final test of his projects and design course.

Alone, he developed the hull and shaped piece by piece of engine and water‐jet, one of the first of its kind in the country.

What was a school project eventually became a business. With the success of the prototype, the product was brought to the marketplace and João Colunna began selling jet ski that he had created to his friends, creating the brand "Colunna" and being the pioneer in the segment in Brazil.

Since then, he has manufactured spare parts and jet skis for championship being national champion using his own brand of Jet‐ski, what has stimulated him to invest in an old dream: to manufacture water‐jet powered boats.

In early 90's, Colunna started production of larger boats, and in 1995, created a small 12’ boat, with capacity for three people, fast, good with curves and a turbine replacing the traditional engined powered by propellers. Thus was born, the First Jet Boat made in Brazil, becoming the company's Flagship product.

Until today, Colunna has the exclusivity rights of Jet Boats production not only in Brazil but throughout SouthAmerica.

In 2004, another audacious step. Colunna launches the Sport Cruiser 325, born of a brilliant project: the 325 Sport Cruiser.

Today with the Jet Boats lines, Bow Rider 235 Open, 235 Cabin and Sport Cruiser 285, Sport Cruiser 305 and Sport Cruiser Sport Cruiser 325 (with over 100 produced boats).